Sunday, October 9, 2022


Jess Novak
Released: August 31, 2022

Jess Novak just released her eleventh album earlier this summer. And it the composition that we all have felt in lives but never said to those who caused us misery & pain throughout past ended relationships. The singer-songwriter from Syracuse, New York has come to the rescue to say all those things in this album that we could never say at the end of a soured relationships. 

Tracks that create scorched earth. Middle fingers in the air! And it all feels so legendary.

Novak's diversity in musical styles & influences are found here in every track on the album, and it is a very spectacular collection. 

"Bad Bitch" is a home run. Novak is going places that many did not think possible. I would not hesitate to put this album into your collection. In the home, in the car, any which way you enjoy music.

Jess Novak's official can be found here: 





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